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Dream about Lots Of Gifts

Dream about lots of gifts points at strength and good health. You have the knowledge and information to help others. You are reluctantly moving into a new stage in your life. This points to joy, harmony and tranquility. You have successfully overcome your problems.

Lots of gifts dream represents harmony, pleasure and fertility. You have the ability to help in some situation, but you are refusing to do so. You are refusing to accept some repressed aspect of yourself. Your dream is a harbinger for compassion, wealth, or a bright outlook. Your memory of the depicted event, incident, or people, is fading.

If you dreamt about lots of gifts:

lots of gifts dream

The idea of a turning point in one’s destiny often brings a smile to the faces of cynical people, but in your case, it definitely has some meaning. This turning point can take the form of a new person in your life or a key event that changes things forever. Sometimes things that we only hear about actually happen. Something like this may happen to you in the coming months.

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In my dream, I was at my grandmother’s house. I saw my aunt, uncle and cousin entering the room and my uncle placed a huge pile of gifts on the bed. For whom those gifts were, I had no idea but my uncle said that he got me a book.