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Dream about Mass Shooting

Dream about mass shooting is a premonition for some pent up anger. You are holding in a lot of negative emotions. You are not getting enough rest. This dream sadly draws attention to pent up anger and aggression, especially within your personal relationship. Someone may be trying to give you some advice about a situation.

Mass shooting dream is sadly defensiveness or your close minded attitude. There is some wrongdoing or evil workings in your life or environment. You are trying to disguise your true feelings. This signifies grave or concerns about a serious or sad situation. You are not prepared for the major changes that are happening around you.

If you dreamt about mass shooting:

mass shooting dream

If you have your moments of passion, you don’t often show them, except in the most private of circumstances. You are certainly loath to let them hang out in public. Which is why today people may be embarrassed by your actions. What makes you so uninhibited and bold about letting your feelings show is a sudden lack of concern about what others think. Make the most of it.

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I had a dream a group of people were chasing me and they ended up shooting me and lots of other people.


I had a dream that a friend of my brother did a mass murder in a supermarket. I remember hiding in the furniture seating section under cushions and feeling really scared. Before he started killing people though he turned off the power, heat, and locked all outside entrances. I also remember running alot and feeling cold, I saw people die and I heard him laughing about it. He didn’t just use a gun though, I also remember he carried a sword with him.


I dreamt I was at a huge event. I had my family and bf there. We were standing in a canal/river and hanging out. A woman was crossing when my older sister said “get down now!” We covered the lady and kids and were looking around. Then I heard what sounded like firecrackers. People were running/screaming. I grabbed my stuff and my older sisters hand and we told everyone to run. My mom stayed w/ my grandma cause she couldn’t run. We ran but my sister was shot and I couldn’t help her. It was scary.


My daughter keeps dreaming that she is in a mass shooting. She is just about to graduate college


Then, some of my old classmates from senior year were no where insight, I was terrified, because some girl was running away from me. I chased her and she told me that I shot up my senior year classroom. I told her I didn’t recall shit from that so-called shooting.


I had a dream of someone showing me a mass shooting on their phone. This person was also telling me to be careful.


I was in a super market and my bfs friend came in and started shooting people and then he yelled my name saying I was the one he was there for. I somehow got out and was running then I somehow saw my bf riding a bike and ran towards him. I don’t remember how but I told him it was his friend that killed everyone and that he was really after me. My bf kept taking me past his friend almost as to put me in his path somehow the friend was never able to see me. Then I was back in the supermarket

Paul M.

I had a dream I was in a mall with my family and a mass shooting started. We got separated and I was running alone but I kept hearing to shots following me. There was a point in the dream where the shooters found me and a group of people but one of the shooters knew one of the guys and decided not to shoot that store up. Later in the dream I made it outside and found my parents we got into a car and started driving. But the shooters found us and chased us we were to slow they killed us.


I was invited to a big party/event that was being held by this random influencer. The party felt weird, I could tell in my dream that something was very wrong there. As I was leaving with the people I came with, a bunch of vans pulled up and started shooting all of the guests. They got out of the cars and killed people with daggers and smaller guns. Afterwards I went back and looked at all of the carnage, and the weirdest part was that one of the only survivors was the guy who hosted the party.


When I dream of mass killings I’m always in what seems like my home. An apartment or a house. Where i hear the neighbors being murdered. As if the shooter is going from apartment to apartment killing those inside or house to house. I’m always grabbing a loved one and escaping or hiding. I never get shot now do my loved ones. But i always hear the shots. Look out the window and see bodies on the floor and more victims being shot.


I dreamed there was mass shooting at a music festival. There were familiar faces from my high school years there along with others. The shootings happened at night and in the day time back to back.
The shooters were on motorcycles in the day time shooting people down. I somehow was able to run across the field unscathed and hid behind a building. I saw two doors, the first one I touched was unlocked. It was a church. I was able to get a few people to safety with me. Then I woke up.


Hello my dream was about an high school classmate doing the shooting I manage to run found my cousin she takes off with us in the car but the car has no breaks she turns really hard the car jumps over a swamp like water but we make it safe.


I dreamt there were multiple mass shootings in my college dorms. Alarms went off, we were told it was a lock down drill. There were multiple times during my dream where people were stuck in the hallways so I let them hide in my room so they wouldn’t get killed. We witnessed some of shootings happening outside my window. At the end, there was a fire on my floor that I sensed before it happened. I woke everybody up and told them to jump out their windows. I lead them to somewhere safe on campus.


I had a dream I was apart of a group that partook in mass shootings. Meticulously planned events that I don’t remember the reasons for, but we partook in and did plenty of preparation for. We would target populated areas like bowling alleys or small stores with a high headcount. We all wore similar face paints and I even had a shirt that was rendered in my dream exactly, down to the small holes it has and I wear fondly. I didn’t recognize anyone in the group or in the targets, but they felt real


I dreamed about witnessing a mass shooting and I tried to hide but the shooter saw me and stood over me with his gun pointing at me but decided not to shoot me and he walked away.