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Dream about Melon

Dream about melon refers to a need for humor and laughter in your life. You have built a solid foundation for success in some endeavor. You have a wandering mind. The dream stands for something in your life that is draining the energy and vigor out of you. Things are a breeze for you.

Melon dream symbolises intellect and someone who is smart. You fear confrontation. You are feeling calm. The dream means your mood for love and pursuit of pleasure and relaxation. You need to balance work and pleasure in order to succeed in your current undertakings.

If you dreamt about melon:

melon dream

You appreciate the things in life that take time to create, largely because you are easily distracted – we appreciate that which we admire! By paying attention to what we admire, we can identify what we want to include in our lives that isn’t “naturally” there. If you are not a natural athlete, for example, you might admire athleticism and thus strive to achieve it in your life. Whatever you focus on, you can achieve: find your healthy passion and follow it!

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I have a dream where I met one of my husband’s worker after night vigil and she poured her peeled melon seed in a tray I was carrying that I should help her bring it home. Reaching her house in the dream I found out she was just getting home so I asked her to bring a plate to collect her melon seeds. But I later didn’t leave her house as a I met two other girls and we’re talking about the army they saw in the church. I later found out we have eczema spots on our bodies. Please help me