Dream about Pet Goose

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Dream about pet goose points at feelings of being lost or uprooted in your life. You are trying to harm others with your sharp words and negative attitude. You are trying to overcome some obstacle or difficulty. This refers to some urgent matter or important them in your life that you are missing or overlooking. You tend to get carried away by your passion, which may lead you into trouble.

Pet goose dream is unfortunately an alert for your maternal instinct and your desire to provide for and support your dependents. You need to find another way to approach and solve your problems. You are trying to deceive yourself into believing in something that goes against your natural instincts or long held values. This hints some pent up anger that is on the verge of erupting. You need to allocate some time for yourself so you can pursue your own interests.

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If you dreamt about pet goose:

pet goose dream

Watch out for a little jolt in the action as someone close to you puts on the brakes in your relationship. Conflicts could arise based on a need for more structure and stability. The imbalance between having fun and taking care of practical matters is working to slowly destroy the good thing that you have going. Nip this problem in the bud as soon as possible.

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