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Dream about Purple Zebra

Dream about purple zebra is about trust in relationship. A woman figure in your life who may be untrustworthy or cutthroat. You need to look beneath the surface of a person or situation. This dream is a harbinger for summertime. It is time to forgive and forget.

Purple zebra dream is instability in your emotional realm. You need to rely on your intuition and trust your instincts. A recent experience and heartbreak may have hardened you. It is a message for an unrealized goal or dream. You need to protect yourself from your own drive.

If you dreamt about purple zebra:

purple zebra dream

Get some space today. You are filled with a sense of power, and you need to work out what to do with this yourself, not with others. There is a lot you can do with this energy. For one thing, the physical exercise you do could put you in a trance state where you will receive important messages from your unconscious. Don’t miss this! There is a lot of healing energy within you, and this transit is a way to tap that energy for present and future use.

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