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Dream about Putting Fish In Water

Dream about putting fish in water is a message for of a transitional stage occurring in your life. You have been prevented from reaching your goals or destination. You need to be more flexible. This symbolises your supportive role. There is an emotional issue that you are not acknowledging or recognizing.

Putting fish in water dream is some pressing matter. Perhaps you feel that your own opinion doesn’t count or matter. You are letting your temper get out of hand. This dream points at your need to restore yourself in some basic way. You need to try to shed as much light on a subject as you can.

If you dreamt about putting fish in water:

putting fish in water dream

Take time to understand the perspective on the other side of the fence. When you seek first to understand the situation from all angles, the solution will become much more clear than if you only see it from your own limited perspective.

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In my dream I saw a small white fish out of the water trying to survive I just tried to pick up but I left the fish and came inside tne house by the side of the door I saw se white fish then I took the fish in my hand rushed to kitchen to find some clear glass jar but I dint find at last I got a plastic box in which I filled water and let the fish in the fish swam easily in the water


In my dream I saw there is three small fish of three colour i.e. white, orange and black they are out of water so I put them back in water but when I put into the water they become ugly thin black fish.