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Dream about Rotten Egg

Dream about rotten egg signifies your anxieties about your daily problems. You need to give new life to some relationship or situation that you previously thought was forgotten or dead. You are experiencing a lack of independence. This is about regression into your past where you had no responsibilities. You are moving too fast in some relationship or situation.

Rotten egg dream is a harbinger for your outdated views. You will be promoted in your job or recognized for your achievement in a difficult task. You or someone has been impeached. This dream is a message for contentment and satisfaction in the decisions that you have made. You feel the need to protect yourself against being emotionally hurt.

If you dreamt about rotten egg:

rotten egg dream

You are not going to please everyone so you might as well please yourself. Regardless of what you do, someone is going to be upset. This is fine. Let them be upset. Other people’s feelings are certainly not your responsibility. Just do your job.

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I saw rotten eggs in my dreams with worms coming out, given to me by my aunt.In the dream, What does it mean please?

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