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Dream about See Eggs

Dream about see eggs is an omen for your connection and creativity. You feel that you are above the rules. You are neglecting your social relationships and allowing people to deteriorate. The dream signals some spiritual celebration or ceremony. You are perceiving the world in a comical and unserious manner.

See eggs dream represents the power and drive you need to move forward in life. You are on the right path toward personal development or spiritual enlightenment. You need to make a choice and take action. The dream refers to air, determination, strength, faith and conquering of fear. It is time to make a fresh, clean start.

If you dreamt about see eggs:

see eggs dream

The energy in the air spells a great day for you and your partner (current or prospective). If you have been overburdened with work, and have not had a break, then take advantage of the good atmosphere to go out with some friends, get into a new circle of acquaintances, broaden your intellectual horizons, or even take a short jaunt out of town. Whatever you do, don’t stay in and shut out the world.

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Dreamt I was eating a boiled egg and my grandfather askes me to bring him eggs so I go and choose three best looking boiled eggs for him and put them in a box then I see a women that I know commenting on how pourly I am treating him and I stand up for myself and say to her she knows nothing about this and it doesn’t corncer her and she is not the mother of the year and then walk away.