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Dream about Slap

Dream about slap is a premonition for some cold, hard emotion. You need to be more open and tolerant of things that you may not be used to. You are not using your time and energy wisely. Your dream signals your attempts to cover up your own character flaws and habits. You are being overly protective.

Slap dream is a warning signal for lurking danger, sin and lacking freedom. You feel restrained and confined in some circumstance. You hard work and effort will pay off in the long run. The dream suggests some subconscious material that needs to be confronted or addressed. You are not utilizing your talents and potential.

If you dreamt about slap:

slap dream

There is possibly nothing wrong with the ways you have been conducting your love affairs in the past; it is just that as you continue to evolve, you will discover that some of them have become outdated and are no longer appropriate. To attract a new kind of person, you need to change within.

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