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Dream about Someone Else Having Twins

Dream about someone else having twins is an omen for your successes or failures depending if your team won or lost. You are moving too fast toward attaining your goals. Some message is not coming through properly. It represents your immature actions and behavior. You are reaching out to someone who needs your help.

Someone else having twins dream refers to fears that you are not confronting in your life. You will go nowhere if you just sit around thinking about it. You are feeling restricted or limited with your authority. This dream means restrictions and limitations. You feel somebody who is close is not listening to you.

If you dreamt about someone else having twins:

someone else having twins dream

The position of the heavenly bodies indicates that you may not be able to undo the damage that has occurred within a special relationship. You may have been in conflict with yourself over whether to call it a day, or keep battling on in the hope that things will improve. Yet in your heart you know what you need to do, and you will find the courage to make the change.

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