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Dream about Someone Falling Off A Tree

Dream about someone falling off a tree is sadly a warning for your pessimistic outlook in life. You need to tone it down and discard some of the negative emotions in your life. You are overly concerned with what others say or think about you. Your dream symbolises your feelings of regret or remorse. An aspect of yourself that is not fully developed or has been repressed.

Someone falling off a tree dream is an admonition for your protective and defensive persona. Your anger is on the verge of erupting into violent expression. Nothing seems overwhelming or too difficult to handle. It unfortunately draws attention to a desire to get away from your problems or the demands of your life. You are avoiding or neglecting your anger.

If you dreamt about someone falling off a tree:

someone falling off a tree dream

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I was working out in front of my garage, My ex girlfriend was cutting a tree branch when suddenly I noticed the branch she was standing on would break. I think back and forth to myself if she would notice it and save herself? If I ran to catch her would the axe she was holding fall on me and kill me? Would I even make it in time to catch her? I took too long to think and she fell. She had someone with her, I yelled at her friend/relative to call 911 but she said she was already dead.


This seems very accurate thanks a lot