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Dream about Someone Kissing Feet

Dream about someone kissing feet signifies your past experiences and feelings you associate with that particular person. You are being protected from some harm. You are looking for a time extension on something. The dream denotes material gains and possessions. You need to start preparing for the real world.

Someone kissing feet dream is a message for sudden changes in a situation. You are letting circumstances dictate your emotions. You need to look at some problem more objectively and rationally. It hints the importance of teamwork and cooperation in order to achieve the goals in your life. We are all interconnected in some way.

If you dreamt about someone kissing feet:

someone kissing feet dream

Be more conservative with your money today. Be more conscious on what you spend it on – especially at work. Instead of going out to eat for lunch every day, start packing your own. Daily savings like these may start small, but they add up quickly.

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