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Dream about Someone Waking Me Up

Dream about someone waking me up means a loss of freedom. You are recovering from an upsetting or difficult situation. You might get yourself into trouble. Your dream is unfortunately an alert for you not to take the day to day things for granted. A situation is not as bad as you had anticipated.

Someone waking me up dream is a premonition for your fears of having your personal feelings and private thoughts discovered or revealed. Perhaps you feel that you are not measuring up to the expectations of others, especially to your mate. You are hiding your true feelings or you are trying to cover up some situation or act. Your dream signals long and hard work for little compensation and pay. There may be a situation or relationship that needs to be repaired.

If you dreamt about someone waking me up:

someone waking me up dream

In all the time spent trying to stabilize your emotions and achieve sensitivity, you may get too caught up in your feelings. Because of this, you may have not been listening to your rational mind lately, even though it’s crying out for you to move forward to a different situation. Take some time to listen to your thoughts and take them more seriously than you have been.

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