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Dream about Stolen Bag

Dream about stolen bag symbolises some spiritual issues. You are suppressing some old habit or denying yourself of something. You are being passive aggressive. Your dream stands for independence, alertness and virility. You are afraid of exposing some aspect of yourself.

Stolen bag dream hints aspects of yourself that you are hiding. Something is out of your grasp. You need to let go of the past. It expresses your desires for some form of commitment. You need to start acting like an adult.

If you dreamt about stolen bag:

stolen bag dream

You love the idea of being able to confound people with words. Right now you have the chance to completely hoodwink your love interest into believing a little scheme or plan that you have cooked up. You may manage to fool them and feel really pleased with yourself, but don’t look so smug. They may yet have the last laugh, as what goes round comes round.

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