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Dream about Being Dumped

Dream about being dumped denotes feelings that you are unable to verbally express or communicate openly. You feel somebody who is close is not listening to you. You are trying to communicate your feelings and your need for contact. This is a harbinger for loss or lack. You are feeling awkward and insecure.

Being dumped dream is a clue for your love life and the pressure to find someone to spend your life with. All your hard work is paying off. You have too many responsibilities and commitments. It is a message for some overwhelming struggle, shock, loss or catastrophe in your life. You are numb by the things around you.

If you dreamt about being dumped:

being dumped dream

The current celestial energy may arouse your suspicions, and yet you may not be able to point your finger at any particular incident to support your growing concerns. In this instance you really need to have that conversation, because if you continue to say nothing while silently accusing them of everything – nothing will be resolved. At least when you have the facts you can make an informed decision.

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