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Dream about Being Queen

Dream about being queen symbolises emotional dependency. You feel that others are trying to hide something from you. You are imitating others. The dream points at the birth of a new idea, direction, project or goal. You need to take on a different perspective, no matter how bizarre or unusual it may be.

Being queen dream means protection and secrecy. You need to shield others from your drive and ambition. You may be yearning for a baby or that you are expecting a baby. Your dream points to your concerns about your self-image and appearance. You need to more order and organization in your life.

If you dreamt about being queen:

being queen dream

You might feel like you have more energy today than you usually do. Whether the tasks ahead require physical strength or mental acuity, approach them with confidence. Things come easily and readily, and you can accomplish a great deal. Take a little of this energized time for socializing with a friend or engaging in your favorite hobbies. There’s no need to direct it all into serious matters.

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