Bird Bite

Dream about bird bite denotes components and various pieces that composes your life. Something in your life is not going as expected. You need to be careful in how you phrase and word things or run the risk of offending others. Bird bite in dream is sadly your lack of gentleness in dealing with others. You are not going anywhere despite your hard work and efforts.

Bird bite in your dream is a clue for your inability to care for yourself or your helplessness in reaching out to others

You need to use your position and leverage to get what you want. You are only prolonging the inevitable. Bird bite in your dream is an alert for shame or guilt. Your words are not coming out right.

bird bite dream

Bird bite dream interpretation is unfortunately defeated hopes and a dark, gloom outlook in your endeavors

You are experiencing some anxiety over changes and uncertainties happening in your life. Your friend is not being supportive. Dream about bird bite is a message for a hostile situation/person you are encountering in your life. There is some unresolved issue or inner turmoil that you need to work through.

bird bite dream

Dreaming of bird bite is unfortunately a warning signal for your lack of commitment in a relationship

You are devoting too much attention to someone or something. You may be acting too carefree in some issue or situation. When you dream about bird bite it stands for your need to sit down and take time out to contemplate a situation before proceeding. You are experiencing some momentary anxiety or pain, but you will be a better and stronger person for it in the long run.

bird bite dream

Bird bite in dream denotes the phallus or some insult

You need time away from your work to spend with friends. You are experiencing abundance in some area of your life. Bird bite symbolises your inability to persuade others to see your point of view. Your fame, fortune and power will be ruthlessly taken from you.

bird bite dream