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Dream about Country President

Dream about country president means your indecisiveness. You are dealing with past regrets. You are becoming confrontational and quarrelsome. Your dream is a metaphor for some childhood memory or a period of time where you were more carefree. There is something in your real life that you have difficulties accepting.

Country president dream is an evidence for a particular relationship or current situation in your life. You need to take a chance or let up on yourself. Perhaps you are being too conventional, unhip or dull. This points to a feeling of confusion. Your habits and negative ways are hindering your growth.

If you dreamt about country president:

country president dream

The impact that could occur with today’s celestial configuration could be very profound. Something really needs to break out and be free. Perhaps it is a long-held wish or desire, or a certain goal you have in mind. Whatever it is, you just have to allow it to surface and speak about it with others. Keeping it to yourself is no longer possible.

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