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Dream about Dead Person Fishing

Dream about dead person fishing represents a situation that may be getting too dicey. You need to slow down and live the life or else you will miss out on some opportunity or event in your life. You usually get your own way without any difficulties or struggles. Your dream symbolises a situation that you have been avoiding. You are expecting too much out of others.

Dead person fishing dream is a premonition for the shedding away of old ways, habits and conditions. No matter how hard you try to deny it, you feel your mother’s influence. You may be having work related problems in your life. It is a signal for death, old age or an ending of something. You are having problems with the feminine aspect of yourself.

If you dreamt about dead person fishing:

dead person fishing dream

Long-distance phone calls from people living in distant states could bring some rather disconcerting news your way. This might arouse some anger within you, and you might be tempted to take it out on the caller. Don’t do this! The person is probably only the messenger. Some short trips in your neighborhood could find you confronted with impossible traffic. If you have to go out today, You might get there more quickly by walking!

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