Dream about Losing A Battle

Dream about losing a battle is unfortunately gloominess, despair and hopelessness. You may feel that your life is going nowhere or that you are going in circles with your life. There is some issue or problem that needs to be brought into the open. The dream is a harbinger for your difficulty in connecting with somebody. You are lacking originality and control over where your life is taking.

Losing a battle dream is unfortunately an admonition for insight into a situation you have been wondering about. You are trying to contain and suppress the qualities of the kidnapped person. You feel that you are in a rut doing the same thing and going to the same places. This dream indicates a hopeless situation that needs your immediate attention and action. A current situation may be forcing you to confront issues of your past.

If you dreamt about losing a battle:

losing a battle dream

The next task on your road to success may be a pill that’s hard to swallow. Perhaps it involves interacting with someone you don’t want to deal with. You know that you have to adopt some sort of false persona in order to get what you want. You’re sensitive to this dilemma, and you may feel emotional about it, making you hesitate to go through with the plan.

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