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Dream about Muddy Sea Water

Dream about muddy sea water is vanity and you concerns about appearances rather than what is inside. You are being a log or lazy. You are not expressing your emotions. Your dream states an immature relationship. You need to acknowledge and express you pent up anger and feelings before they explode.

Muddy sea water dream indicates your inability to confront some subconscious issues or feelings. You are forcing your opinions and views on others. You are feeling a lack of love. It stands for the hardships and difficulties that you are experiencing in your life. Some aspect or quality that your best friend possess is dying within your own self.

If you dreamt about muddy sea water:

muddy sea water dream

Voices are running through your head like a broken record. These voices are encouraging you to do more and to strive to reach your full potential. Now is a good time to make a plan to push yourself further. Implement this plan when the week begins.

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