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Dream about Old Pet

Dream about old pet expresses spreading the word of God. You may be experiencing some anxieties and stress in your domestic life. You are looking to be happier. This is an evidence for your strength and commitment. You need to be more receptive to some idea or notion.

Old pet dream expresses inner riches, untapped resources and unexpressed talents. You want others to look up to you. You want to find out more about your heritage. This signifies disapproval. You need to find a way to confront and deal with your hostile feelings.

If you dreamt about old pet:

old pet dream

The day ahead will be as busy as can be. Matters that had been left unsettled are now becoming urgent. Today brings an opportunity to release some steam, but it’s also time to realize the toll these stressful situations take on your physical health. So set some time aside for relaxation, but not before you’ve resolved outstanding issues once and for all.

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I dreamed that I was standing on my outside door looking at my terrain/backyard with trees and flowers in the desert landscape Then my cat who I lost 2 months ago appears with other cats. I called for her and then start running toward her but as I get closer the land becomes downhill. I look back to my door and it’s at an uphill.I turned back to my cat and she was gone. My backyard was barren without flower or trees.Just barren dirt.