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Dream about Phone Shattering

Dream about phone shattering is about your need to be revitalized. You are afraid of being left out or left behind. Something that may seemingly be insignificant may actually be causing much troubles or hindrances. This is your basic needs and priorities. You want to go against the masses.

Phone shattering dream is about your needs and desires. You believe that you can do a better job if you were in charge of things. You need to act on your gut instinct about some situation or relationship. It signifies some major change in your current relationship. You need to reevaluate your decisions and goals.

If you dreamt about phone shattering:

phone shattering dream

You have every chance of having a great day romantically. You may very well meet up with someone who challenges your sense of duty and authority, and has a very unconventional approach to relationships. However, this will probably be very good for you, as you need a little shaking up in order to see the magic in life again.

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On a vacation over seas; the day we were leaving I was panic packing. Then on the way to the airport my party stopped to go to the movies? Halfway through I ask when the plane leaves then my party gets up and runs for the airport. But again halfway I myself get distracted only to realize what I was supposed to be doing. Ran to the gate then, just to have my phone drop and completely shatter as I hear the person at the gate on their phone say, “She’s here but I can’t let her on now, it’s gone.”