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Dream about Playful Bear

Dream about playful bear denotes your talents and your ability to communicate with others. Perhaps you are refusing to see the truth. You are living life in the fast lane. This refers to a bright start to your day. You desire some freedom and independence.

Playful bear dream is an omen for emotions of love, desire, lust and fiery passion. Perhaps you need to create and move toward a different direction. You are feeling alienated and alone. Your dream is primal attitudes, the subconscious and love. Some subconscious material is attempting to make itself known.

If you dreamt about playful bear:

playful bear dream

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I had a dream that I was petting a black bear that was laying down on my kitchen table. He was pretty playful and liked me petting him. I was rubbing its belly and it had a collar so I scratched underneath the collar which made the black bear happy. I was not afraid of the bear at all and was just playing, treating it almost like a pet dog. What could this mean?