Dream about Receiving Gold Earrings

Dream about receiving gold earrings is unfortunately a warning alert for protection or luck. You are not thinking rationally. You have lost your direction in life. Your dream is a warning alert for a problem where you may be confused about. You are ignoring the masculine aspect of yourself (if you are female) or the feminine aspect of yourself (if you are male).

Receiving gold earrings dream is a sign for some changes are necessary for you to adapt to a new situation. You need to break away from your old outdated attitudes and habits. The path to your goals are not going according to the way you planned it out. It signals an untouchable, unreachable and unattainable notion of perfection. You feel victimized in a situation or that you are being targeted.

If you dreamt about receiving gold earrings:

receiving gold earrings dream

There is no way that you are going to allow your loved one to be at all boring today. The day’s energy simply will not allow this kind of behavior. You are determined to take them somewhere exciting and different, somewhere that just exudes romance and magic, and somewhere where you can also let them see what a deeply passionate person you are. You devil!

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