Dream about Watching Someone Breastfeed

Dream about watching someone breastfeed is a metaphor for self-guilt. You are censoring yourself or holding back. You have anti-social tendencies. This dream is sometimes your experiences and how you need to learn from them. Your primal desires and repressed emotional urges are coming to the surface and needing to be satisfied.

Watching someone breastfeed dream indicates a fear of deprivation. Perhaps you are feeling insecure about a situation. Something or someone in your current life is bringing out similar feelings you felt during a relationship with your ex. This states sudden instability and upheaval in your life. Your repressed feelings are on the verge of surfacing.

If you dreamt about watching someone breastfeed:

watching someone breastfeed dream

Stand your ground against those who are bullying you. When push comes to shove, you have the correct facts, and you know it. The people on the other side of the fence are simply full of hot air. Don’t get overwhelmed by their overbearing presence.

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