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Dream about Water Leaf

Dream about water leaf is a harbinger for cooperation. You may be on a life path that is unfamiliar to you. You will overcome any obstacles and limitations. This is a signal for forgiveness in an extreme way. Others are depending on you.

Water leaf dream is an evidence for feelings of optimism and increases. You feel stuck. You are ready to explore aspects of your own. Your dream represents feminine power and mystique. You need to be more active.

If you dreamt about water leaf:

water leaf dream

You have just completed a major task. Celebrate your success! You have persevered, and it has paid off. You have great power. If you feel ready to take the next big step, then go for it. There is no need to hesitate. You are on the right path.

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There are some projects I’m tryna execute which would all involve like three parties, but it’s all about me, I initiated these projects and bear all the responsibilities. Without me they can’t stand, but there are some people to front them.
So Some couple of days ago, in my dream, I received a bag full of fresh waterleaves with some cash, about a million from my younger sister (who in real life isn’t’ in position to do so) directing me to share the cash with my younger brother, while she took a million all to herself. The sharing formula didn’t go down well with me. I felt cheated which I told her straight.
What could this mean, please?


Am Having trouble about making my own decisions but am. So worried ? because I don’t want to make the wrong decision, just this afternoon I fall asleep and I saw my self in a garden then I bend down and started plucking waterleaf and give it to a child she started walking ? away from me I was still in the midst of the waterleaf . please what does it mean?