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Dream about A Male Person

Dream about a male person signifies something in your own inner nature that is pure, vulnerable, helpless and uncorrupted. You are trying to create an air of mystery. Trouble coming your way. The dream suggests an ever-changing situation. You are confronting and overcoming your obstacles.

A male person dream draws attention to your intuition. You should look within yourself for the solution to a problem instead of relying on outside help. You need to look at various sources to attack a problem. It stands for the moon, intuition and the feminine aspects of yourself. You are punishing yourself.

If you dreamt about a male person:

a male person dream

Your dander might be up today in reaction to someone’s strong opinion. You don’t want to back down. The fire burns hot within you. Use this power wisely. Try not to use it in an aggressive, manner toward those you don’t want to offend. Watch your back and keep your energy pure. You have the power to affect quite a number of people.

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