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Dream about Angry Brother

Dream about angry brother is a clue for issues of dependency and hopelessness. You are lacking motivation. There is a topic or issue that you want to discuss, but do not know how to bring it up. The dream is a clue for your inability to function in some situation. You may be trying to express some feeling or have something awkward to say that has to be carefully packaged.

Angry brother dream expresses someone from your past who you had a crush on or who you were in love with. You may feel a lack of attention in the relationship. An aspect of yourself is looking to be acknowledged and recognized. This is a harbinger for the end to your old attitudes and outdated beliefs. You are ignoring or avoiding a situation.

If you dreamt about angry brother:

angry brother dream

Many pieces are falling into place for you now. Follow the signs that you are getting from the universe. You are being gently coaxed down a certain path. Accept and embrace this path instead of trying to resist it. Going with the flow is your mantra.

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  1. i had a dream that my brother got angry at me because i decided i was gonna act like myself in front of my frend. that annoyed him and he began cursing m out he began to walk backwards as he flicked me off. i saw that he was coming near a clif and if he walked back any further, he would have faen. i got extremely worried and scared and afraid for him. i began to yell at him. i told him to stop because here was a cliff. he ignored me at first then after he was a 3-4 feet away from the cif, he stopped and i felt relieved. what does it mean?

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