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Dream about Different Dimensions

Dream about different dimensions is a metaphor for some aspect of your relationship with your girl/boyfriend. Perhaps you are feeling depressed. Perhaps you have been slacking off and need to pick up the pace. This dream is a symbol for how you or someone has acted foolishly and stupidly in a situation. There is some issue that you need to address.

Different dimensions dream denotes your supportive role. You are setting standards for yourself or of what you think others expect of you. You need to stop and relax. The dream refers to current wars around the world and your personal feelings about it. Perhaps you are somewhat jealous.

If you dreamt about different dimensions:

different dimensions dream

Time to get out and about enjoying all the benefits of an active social life. The energy of the day makes you want to talk to anyone and everyone, whether this is while traveling to work, having a coffee in a cafe, or even by meeting new friends over the Internet. One special meeting may hold quite a lot of meaning for you and come as quite a surprise.

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Anne Cahoon.

This is a dream I have had multiple times.So i am back in 4th grade and we are going on a field trip. Were go through thirds portal and into a room where we have other portals to different dimensions.We go into one that has a mass killer and people disappear until there are only 6 left.Two people i care about, on idk, and another that I disliked.The killer slipped up and i got his knife, i got him pinned and then tried to stab him but stabbed the person i didn’t like.Then i killed the killer.