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Dream about Picking Up Coins From The Ground

Dream about picking up coins from the ground is about an external force that is affecting a situation or relationship in your life. You will overcome some obstacles and find that your struggles are well worth it. You are finally going after what you want in life. This is a message for your physical body and the attention you give it. Something is passing you by.

Picking up coins from the ground dream denotes a sudden or unexpected end to something. You are questioning your own abilities. You need a fresh new perspective on where your life is headed. Your dream signals justice, authority and absolute power. You admire some qualities that a person has.

If you dreamt about picking up coins from the ground:

picking up coins from the ground dream

There’s a terrific intensity to today that may have you running for cover. You may be tempted to say your peace and run for the hills. Your self-confidence may not be at its strongest, and you may feel as if other people are looking to find fault with you. Remember that you’re living this life for you and not for someone else. You make your own rules and set your own standards.

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I dream about many coins, put them in my purse and suddenly I saw mixed up scrapped metals then I throw but after throwing the metals some coins turns to a dry soil


I was waking don’t know where,but in ground then the was R5 silver coins money in a grass.I was picking this coins up


I had a dream about picking up common currency coins alot of coins by the handfuls . I didn’t take them all just a few handfuls from the dirt under chairs in a theater environment then after picking up the coins I walked to the top of the theater landing and seen a small amount of coins when on the way to pick the coins up a lady stepped in my way and with a ferocious agression told her not to get in my path and she backed away in fear . Please really feel this means something deep in my soul .

Nii Otoo

I was picking a lot of euro coins with my sister who was trying to collect money from one of my dad’s workers suddenly we walked passed a pit of sandy area with lots of coins hidden in them. I started picking them and lot of it. But in the dream my dad’s employee is owing me €50 note so while picking the coins, blood started dripping from our finger tips so I stop picking then a stranger appeard claimg he put the money there, I asked why and he laughed strangely but I run away with what I picked


i dreamed that i was at a strangers house and suddenly tons of coins in all different shapes and values appeared on the grass. i picked them up then woke up. please explain this in a way i understand.


I dream of picking up a lot of gold and silver coins and in my dream my father wear very sick but get better as i doing my garden i got n 2 rand silver coin next day i did get a nother 2 rand siver coin as i walked i pick up 20c and 10c what does thqt mean


I dreamed of getting out of a car at night , we parked under a street light as I got out I saw a shiny coin, (quarter) at the back of the car. Turned around to see two other silver coins near the front of the car. Other two coins were of lesser denominations


i have dreamt about picking up silver coins on the ground. what does that mean?


I dreamt picking up a lot of silver coins putting them in my pockets the next thing at that same area there was a box like a treasure box that was full of coins too I then started picking from that box and ended up seeing a mix of brown coins that’s when somebody told me the brown coins are worthy a lot .


I dream of picking up a big and bright silver coins on the sand and a lot of the were group in three.


I had a dream were I found myself picking up coins on the ground and while I was picking other people came to pick up them with me.


I dreamt about picking up silver coins on a dusty road while I walk down, at a point one of my cousins was helping me with a touch light because it was getting dark.

logiel Erus

I dream picking more coins in the ground while another person who was with me was not able to find coins


I dreamed of picking silver coins from the ground putting them in my pocket the time I was picking them they were shining, help me to understand this dream


i dreamt about picking up a R5 coin in a beautiful green grass


I dreamed my daughter and I were picking up silver and gold coins from piles on the ground. We were very happy until a lady told us to stop – the coins were meant for the elders. We stopped but kept what was in our pockets. Suddenly, there was yelling and cursing coming from a group of elders. It was my daughter’s father. He died 14 months ago and has been in my dreams this week. He was very unkempt. Health workers removed him on a gurney. I did not go to his aid, knew he would be dead soon.