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Dream about Someone Trying To Break In

Dream about someone trying to break in means your refusal to see the truth or your lack of awareness to a problem. You tend to be subjective and let your feelings get in the way of your decisions. You need to slow down and set some time for yourself or else run the risk of collapsing from exhaustion. The dream symbolises a small problem that has blown up to be a bigger issue. There is some emotional issue that you need to deal with instead of letting it clog up within you.

Someone trying to break in dream symbolises a minor irritation or frustration. You are trying to cover up some mistake or some lie. You are not drinking enough water and staying well hydrated. Your dream is about your inability to get what you want. Your dream may also reflect anxieties about losing touch with her/him or that you are drifting apart.

If you dreamt about someone trying to break in:

someone trying to break in dream

If you miss sleep or skip meals, you are likely to say things you regret. Keep this in mind today. Bite that tongue, turn those words into thoughts, and let it go. Isolate yourself in a comfortable way. Recognizing when we don’t want to be around people is very important. Your own mind has oodles of information to give you, if you will listen. Feeling irritable is a sign that “you have mail.” A breathing session at home or a yoga class highly recommended.

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