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Dream about The Endless Vs Nightmare

Dream about the endless vs nightmare signifies your drive and determination to succeed at whatever cost. You cannot rely on others for your sense of security. You are not expressing yourself in an effective way. This points to defensiveness or your close minded attitude. You may be feeling disrespected in some area of your life.

The endless vs nightmare dream stands for rebirth and unrealized potential. You should not underestimate yourself. Something you value is being washed down the drain. The dream symbolises instability flightiness or activity. You are pretending be someone else instead of being yourself.

If you dreamt about the endless vs nightmare:

the endless vs nightmare dream

Ideas that were swirling in your head during the past couple of days have solidified and taken form. You are now able to integrate them in a practical and meaningful manner. Overall, this is a fantastic day for you. Great opportunities are at hand.

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